The technology, Vortex Process Technology, VPT has many application areas. Some of them we will highlight here, others will you who read this help us to find. We have to choose between lots of interesting areas. The first application areas for which we have chosen to enter the Anti Lime-scaling and Ice for ice arenas.

Anti Lime-scaling

Lime scaling is a major problem in many places in the world. Pipes and valves clogged, cooling and heat exchange becomes less efficient with increased energy expenditure as a result. Our Watreco IVG range will effectively remove calcium and prevents new scale formation. Kalk


Ice is not just ice rinks and arenas. Ice is also used in industry. Here we can help create a more efficient ice of higher quality and which freezes faster and stays cold longer. Kalk


Here we list a number of areas where we believe our vortexbgenerator can have a major impact on the industrial process. Do you feel that you have an idea, or a need to streamline your processes, do not hesitate to contact us. Kalk

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