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Some of our references

Malmo Arena

- After working with ice for skating rinks for over 30 years it really feels that the Realice System has revolutionized ice making and maintenance. We now have a tool and a method to work with that gives us the base for making a better ice for the skaters. The ice is harder and tougher and not as brittle as before. You can also feel a better gliding effect. People also come up to us spontaneously and wonder what we have done with the ice to get such a good ice quality, and that is stimulating and fun.

From an operating view we can now use colder water for ice making (18-20 �C), compared with before (35-40 �C). This makes the ice freeze faster and we can also run on a higher ice temperature which in turn saves both on energy and compressor usage. Another positive effect is that the ice has become clearer, which our sponsors are grateful for as you get a better visual effect on the ice ads."

Osby Ice Arena

- We are very satisfied with the Realice System. Before investing in the system we looked mainly on the economical aspects and how much we could save on energy cost. But since installing the system it is really the better ice quality that has been the biggest and most positive effect. It is a big difference between ice and ice.

The team of ice technicians (Klas-Goran, Johan, Hakan and Peter) has gotten a lot of appreciation for good ice quality and a better working environment. Thanks to the effect that the water freezes faster the irritating atmosphere built up by the player and skaters from having to wait after ice maintenance is now gone, says the team.

Segeltorp Arena, Huddinge

- When we heard about Realice for the first time it sounded too good to be true. But after testing the system, we are very satisfied. We have been able to go from 104 F, to using only cold water around 43 F when resurfceing. While we have been able to raise the ice temperature by about 3 F. In addition, the ice has been absolutely fantastic. During a weekend, we can resurface the ice up to 15 times per day. Before Realice ice was completely discarded at the end of the day. Now we have the same quality throughout the day.

- An example is the goalie training camps that we held here in late summer. Normally goalies stand rubbing from side to side and goes almost all the way down into the concrete. At this years camp it was barely noticeable that they were even on the ice.

Sunwing Resort & Spa Alcudia

Por la presente certificamos el buen funcionamiento y excelentes resultados del descalcificador Limitec 55 duo system instalado en los apartamentos Las Piramides del complejo Sunwing Resort Alcudia. Instalado en Mayo del 2009 y hasta el cierre de los apartamentos en Octubre 2009 la cantidad de cal desencrustada en las tuberias ha sido mas que satisfactoria.

Hereby this is to certify that the good operation and excellent results of the Limeteq 55 twin system installed in the apartments the Pyramids of the complex Sunwing Resort Alcudia. Installed in May, 2009 and until the closing of the apartments in October 2009 the amount of lime scale in the pipes has been more than satisfactory.

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