Products and Applications

The Vortex generator that has been developed and patented by Watreco is the base for all working solutions today. The Vortex Process Technology (VPT) has borrowed its working principle from the flow in natural water. Inside the Vortex generator, the water is put into a powerful and coherent rotation balancing pressure and sub pressure. The continuous process alters the inner properties of the treated water.

VPT can be utilized in various products and different application areas. It can be a component in a purifying system for ponds and fountains where an ecological balance is wanted by aeration and suppressing algae growth. It can also be a component in irrigation systems where a lowered viscosity in the water, improves the infiltration of the soil making the plants to grow better.

However, water exist in solid state as well. Watrecos REALice-system is installed in order to improve the ice quality and significantly reduce the energy costs on artificially made ice rinks.

Watreco inside
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