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Realice System - Improved Ice Quality


The Realice System is a complete system for treating water for all types of ice rinks. The treated water contains fewer small micro bubbles of air which reduce the insulating capacity of the ice and yield lower energy consumption at the rink. A normal-sized ice rink can save about Euro 10 000 per annum and improve its ice quality.

Our solution

Lower temperature of added water

Using vortex-treated water, you can lower the temperature of the added water to below 20°C. This measure saves about Euro 4 200 per annum in a normal ice rink.

Higher ice temperature


Using vortex-treated water, you can raise the temperature of the ice by between 1-2°C. This measure saves about Euro 3 200 per annum in a normal ice rink.

Reduced hot water consumption

Using vortex-treated water, you can reduce your hot water consumption. This measure saves about 
Euro 2 100 per annum in a normal sized ice rink.

Reduced energy consumption

As the water are affected and prepared to freeze the water freezes faster.

Lower viscosity


Using vortex-treated water, you lower the viscosity of the water, entailing that it flows out more easily despite the temperature being lower.

Reduced limescale problems

In vortex-treated water, the limescale crystals are changed from Calcite to Aragonite, entailing that they are no longer angular but round in shape and thus do not attach themselves to other limescale crystals or other surfaces. You thus avoid the formation of limescale deposits.

Improved ice quality

Using vortex-treated water, you will obtain better, faster, more even, and more durable ice.



Ett komplett Realicesystem består av en handenhet, Realice r1x och en av basenheterna Realice r4x, r6x ellerr10x beroende på vilket vattenflöde ni har obelastat i ert vattensystem i ishallen. Handenheten levereras med två kupor för olika flöde. Vill du läsa mer om VPT- Vortex Process Technology klickar du här för att komma till våra sidor om vår teknologi.

Nedan ser ni specifikationerna och flödeskurvorna för de olika enheterna.


r1x r4x r6x r10x
Max pressure
@ 20℃
16 bar (PN16) 16 bar (PN16) 16 bar (PN16) 16 bar (PN16)
Normal flow
@ 3-5 bar
1 - 2 m³/h 4 m³/h 6 m³/h 10 m³/h
Recommended working temperature 18℃ 18℃ 18℃ 18℃
Length 340 mm 558 mm 643 mm 726 mm
Diameter 106 mm 82 mm 96 mm 120 mm
Weight 0,97 kg 1,27 kg 1,43 kg 1,89 kg
Connect to: ISO 228-G1” ISO 228-G1” ISO 228-G1” ISO 228-G1¼”
Pressure meter: No Yes Yes Yes

Pressure & Flow



See the film about Realice.

Quicktime Video about Realice


pdf Product sheet, Realice
Quicktime Video about Realice

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Our customers has so far saved 4 957 748 Euro in energy costs by installing Realice.

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