Watreco IVG


IVG descaling

Watreco IVG is an efficient lime converter that results in softer water. Watreco IVG does not contain any movable parts and does not need to be connected to an electric network. The system is based on a change that occurs in the lime crystal when lime rich water passes through a powerful 3-dimensional whirl-motion. By exposing the lime crystal to VPT - Vortex Process Technology, the structure of the lime crystal is changed making it less prone to attach to any surfaces.


By using IVG system, you will achieve the following benefits:

Remove old lime deposits

Less washing-up liquid and detergent

Smaller energy usage

Longer life time of pipes 


The Watreco IVG-range is available in three sizes depending on the water flow. Click here to read more about our technology.


Watreco IVG 4 Watreco IVG 6 Watreco IVG 10
Max pressure
@ 20℃
16 bar (PN16) 16 bar (PN16) 16 bar (PN16)
Normal flow
@ 3-5 bar
4 m3/h, 1057 gal/h 6 m3/h, 1585 gal/h 10 m3/h, 2642 gal/h
Max temperature 80℃/176F 80℃/176F 80℃/176F
Length 376 mm 461 mm 544 mm
Diameter 82 mm 96 mm 120 mm
Weight 0,32 kg 0,46 kg 0,93 kg
Connect to: ISO 228-G1" ISO 228-G1" ISO 228-G11/4"
Warranty 2 years 2 years 2 years

Pressure & Flow



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