Watreco OEM

We help our customers improve and optimize their industrial processes. The components that we produce is mounted in products and systems for increased efficiency and improved end product. We offer custom-made devices and components that are directly adapted to the processes or products they will support in terms of pressure, flow, color and shape. In the process, we collaborate with researchers and universities around the world to ensure results. The development of the vortex generators are conducted with the latest CAD technology and the production technology also allows the production of small series.

We take responsibility for running our OEM projects. We do this in close cooperation with our clients, from start to finish. We have experienced project managers and technicians responsible for the entire process with the goal of obtaining an optimal solution based on customer requirements and needs. Our approach to take an idea into a finished product complies with our proven Watreco OEM project process.

Watreco OEM project process

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