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2011-05-25What kind of material is the Watreco IVG made of We are using aggressive chemicals today to overcome the problem with bacteria and corrosion in our cooling piping. Is the material tested for these kind of chemicals as I still need to control bacteria and corrosion due to the fact that the Watreco IVG only address the problem with scaling.
AnswerThe units are made of PA12 (Polyamide) a kind of Nylon. This material is very resistant against aggressive substances. But in order to answer that question in detail we need to know what kind of substances you use. Can you please send such a list to

2011-05-23Does the Watreco IVG need a constant pressure and flow to give the stated effect
AnswerThe current Watreco IVG series come in three different sizes all covering the majority situations. Each size have a working interval displayed in the product sheet. If pressure and flow are within this interval you will get the effect. If you need the effect for operation critical processes we can provide a system that ensure a constant pressure and flow. Please contact us if this is the case.

2011-05-20It is well known that water is a Newtonian liquid, meaning that its viscosity does not change when it is stirred. How is it possible that your vortex treatment lowers the viscosity of water
AnswerPublished basic data about water usually refers to ultra-clean, degassed water. In most of our applications, we are treating tap water which includes both salts and gases. It was shown by Albert Einstein that microscopic gas bubbles increase the viscosity of water. Since our Vortex Generator removes gas bubbles, it is thus reasonable from a physics perspective that the viscosity of water is lowered after treatment.

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