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2011-05-19In what way does your Watreco IVG affect the lime in the water, which makes it no longer builds up in pipes and at the cooling elements in eg cooling towers
AnswerLime particles are ground down into smaller fractions. These attach to each other instead of being attached to the pipe wall, valves, heat exchanger, etc.

2011-05-18Does your Watreco IVG have effect on every kind of water
AnswerIt works probably fine in all kinds of water but you should note that it only affects calcium. If there are a lot of silicates in the water, which also builds up deposits they will not be affected. We recommend that you take a water sample before installing.

2011-04-01When you say that you will save approximately 10 000 Euro / year by installing a Realice system, how do you calculate
AnswerWe estimate the energy consumption at the ice rink to 3700 kWh / day, electricity price of around 0,1 Euro / kWh, the season length of about 240 days, 10 resurfacings per day, 600 liters per resurface, add water temperature of about 45 degrees, and that you are buying the hot water. We also anticipate raising istemperaturen 1-2 ℃.

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